Trouble authenticating ODBC driver to Azure AD

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Hi all,


I'm connecting to an SQL database through an ODBC driver (


The odbc driver is authenticated via Azure AD and an Azure AD enterprise application.

The trouble we're having is that we can connect fine via browser login to AD (including MFA), but when using Azure AD authentication option in ODBC, the driver is typically only allowed access a short period and then the credentials (login/password) are denied.


Looking at the logs it seems to be because of required Multifactor Auth. which doesn't seem to work with the AzureAD auth option in ODBC.


Any thoughts, feedback or experiences with solutions to this issue?



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Just a thought - is it an option to disable MFA for just this app? You can use Conditional Access Policies to apply or exclude MFA for specific apps, so you could possibly disable MFA requirements for just SQL connections. You could add other requirements instead, like trusted IP's.