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Single Computer Domain to multiple Tenants using Azure AD Connect - AAD P1

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Trying to solve a problem, which I read is not possible on the latest page of supported Azure AD Connect page, which was published a year ago.


I have a client who has a single local computer domain, and 3 separate O365 tenants.  The sync is supported by filtering or only syncing a single domain, but the documentation indicates The SSO option for password hash synchronization and pass-through authentication can be used with only one Azure AD tenant.  


My ask, has this been updated with the latest tool? One would think it should work, if you have 3 separate AD Connects and 3 AAD directories to sync to, not syncing same UPN/information to each tenant (filtering).  


Has anyone tried this type of configuration?  The client will also be subscribing to AAD P1, so wondering how this affects write-back functions as well?


Is the only way to do this type of configuration, AD FS?


Thank you!




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I think you are talking about single AD to multiple Azure AD tenants features, launched recently. From the official documentation, I see PHS is supported across all tenants along with password writeback. However, hybrid experiences such as Seamless SSO and Hybrid Azure AD Join can be configure only on one tenant.