signInActivity - when is it going GA (approximately, any insights, what's the hold up)?

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I would like to ask anyone who has any idea about this to please share your info whether it be factual or speculation.  I want to know:

  1. When the MS Graph signInActivity resource type will be available in the v1.0 endpoint?
  2. Is there is any plan to start populating the lastNonInteractiveSignInDateTime property?

Everywhere I go, it's dusty old information about the beta-only stuff.  Anytime I ask I get shutdown and directed to the Graph changelog / blog.  Neither place has any inkling of cares about this.


Somebody from Azure AD or Microsoft must have some info they can share on what are the reasons this has died and isn't making any headway towards non-Beta?  Some reason that it isn't making any progress would be nice.  Just anything really.  Please.

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Last I heard (which was very recent), Microsoft is still actively working on this. As always, generally Microsoft does not commit to specific release dates so I don't think you'll get more information than this.