See the Intune enrolled device in Azure Active Directory

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Hi there,

I have a question , I hope you can help me with that or give me some hints:


Let's say I have added an iPhone in Apple Business Manager, and by a connector (I configured earlier) it comes over to InTune. So as an example when I search for that device by serial number in the Intune --> All Devices, it will be displayed there properly.

But if I go and search for that device on the Devices in Azure AD, it does now show up.

I want to add those devices in to a group so they should be displayed and show up in my AAD.


How can I make/configure my Azure AD to see my devices which were enrolled in Intune or any way I could get them synced between Intune and AAD? [ Intune --> AAD ]
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@Ali Fadavinia Did you ever find a solution to this? I need to know if enrolled devices in intune shows up in AAD devices