Report AAD Users together with their Registered Device

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Hi Guys

Need assistance to get a report of Azure AD users together with their registered device name, I`m trying the following command but I`m not getting the correct results:


Foreach User in “Get-ADUser -All” {

              UserCreds = Get-AzureADUserRegisteredDevice -ObjectId $User              


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This has been answered several times already, do a search next time :)


Get-AzureADUser | % {$DeviceOwner = $_.UserPrincipalName; Get-AzureADUserRegisteredDevice -ObjectId $_.ObjectId } | select @{n="DeviceOwner";e={$DeviceOwner}},DisplayName,DeviceOSType,ApproximateLastLogonTimeStamp

@Vasil Michev thanks for the script and I did try it but it doesn`t bring the results, please see attached screenshot. 



Try using an account that has sufficient permissions to enumerate users in the directory as well as call the Get-AzureADUserRegisteredDevice cmdlet.

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@Eric Starker thank you for your assistance.

@Vasil Michev will try that and give feedback.

@Vasil Michev This returns value with single user. Please suggest query with same results for all users.

You should do 'Get-AzureADUser -all $true'


You can use GUI mode (Azure Portal) to get the report with details.

Login to Azure portal>> Devices>>All Devices

Hope this will help you

Long term approach:

You use Intune Data warehouse reporting to have insight on your environment.