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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Remove or reset Organisation

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Howdy folks!


After replacing a phone (and assuming erroneously that backing up the phone and Microsoft Authenticator was enough) I am now locked out of my Microsoft organisation.


This organisation ONLY has my account in it, so I can't ask anyone else to reset MFA for me. Due to my company's policies - it has MFA turned on from the start: or perhaps this is a Microsoft policy for domain admins... I use my company email to access it - and on switching Azure contexts - I'm prompted for MFA for the new organisation.


My Azure subscription is associated with this org. I'm happy to delete and remove the organisation if need be (I'd prefer to if it means I can keep the name), but how can I do this without getting in first?


Is there a contact I should use or is there a way to arrange this? I don't mind if it means blowing away any resources I have deployed in Azure.

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If no luck going here you should reach out to the official support and see if they can assist
Thanks - I’ve gone through mysignins with the same result unfortunately - thanks a million for the support link - I’ll go from there and see how we go.