Public preview: “What If” tool for Azure AD Conditional Access policies

Community Manager

Azure AD Conditional Access (CA) has really taken off. Organizations around the world are using it to ensure secure, compliant access to applications. Every month, Conditional Access is now used to protect over 10K organizations and over 10M active users! It’s amazing to see how quickly our customers have put it to work!


We’ve received lot of feedback about the user impact of Conditional Access. Specifically, with this much power at your fingertips, you need a way to see how CA policies will impact a user under various sign-in conditions. We heard you, and today we am happy to announce the public preview of the “What If” tool for Conditional Access. The What If tool helps you understand the impact of the policies on a user sign-in, under conditions you specify. Rather than waiting to hear from your user about what happened, you can simply use the What If tool.




Read about it in the Enterprise Mobility + Security blog.

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