Options for ADFS users with B2B

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Am I correct in saying partner organisations who use ADFS (with no identity in Azure AD) are not able to use B2B?  How can we overcome this?  Are there any timings as this is becoming a major hurdle for us.

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Hi Bally - partners without Azure AD can still use B2B. We just spin up an Azure AD tenancy and account for them at the time of redemption. Please check out the 15 minute video here for a demo: https://aka.ms/b2bmechanics. In that demo, simon@contosologistics.com is a user with a Google@work account, but without an Azure AD account. In the future, we will also be supporting direct federation with such partners.

Thanks Sarat.  I understand the JIT tenant model.  However, we are facing redemtion issues for users who use On Prem AD with ADFS.  There is a seperate thread on here about this being a known issue and we need to know timings for when this is going to be resolved.  Can you share any details?

Ah. If you're referring to being able to federate with purely OnPrem partners *without* creating an Azure AD tenancy on the fly for them - this is a key roadmap capability. Can't share timelines yet - but *can* say "we know it's important and are looking hard into it." :)

Thanks.  At the moment, On Premise AD customers using ADFS are unable to redeem B2B invitations.  Resolved this is critical for us.

Hi Bally - are you pointing that the JIT tenant creation is not working for these partners? That's not expected and we'd love to know more.
Bally - please email me the details at sasubram@microsoft.com
Done. Thanks Sarat.

Hi @Bally Kahlon Did you get this scenario working?


We are investigating using B2B with our vendors and clients but would like to understand how is works with our partners who are using ADFS.

Sorry, no.  This is still a limitation with B2B and we are hoping to get some timings from Microsoft on this in October.

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It's been a year since the last update. Has there been further progress on this? We're trying to provision a B2B Guest User for OneDrive (and other O365 services) against an on-premise ADFS for authentication purpose.