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Migration users to another domain name in Azure Active Directory?

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Hello All,


Current Scenario:


Custom Domain name 1:

Azure Active Directory p1

Office365 actively used by all users

Users authenticate using Azure Active Directory (no onpremise Active Directory)


Future state:

Migrate all users from to the new domain name:



The company is planning to have a facelift in the brand name and thus change of domain name for all users. Wherein users AD properties should be updated from old domain name: to new domain name:


Looking for Advice on what all to be considered for the migration or movement to occur?



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And where is domain located, the same tenant or another one?  If it's the same tenant, you just need to change the UPN of the users. If its a new tenant, then you are on your own, as Microsoft doesn't provide any tenant-to-tenant migration tools. Your best bet would be to export the list of users and their attributes via PowerShell or the Graph API, then import them to the new tenant. Or look for 3rd party tools that do that.

Thanks for responding.


I`ll add another custom domain: and verify the domain.

wondering if changing UPN is the required tasks.


SOrry, but not sure if that will break the services running in Office365 or Azure.


Simply make sure to inform the users about changing their UPN.

Hi VAsil,


More I`m going into it and finding it few challenges.


a) It seems the URL of Sharepoint wont change, example currently its, but after changing the domain for all users it would still point to old url.


b) Sharing rights for documents in SharePoint can be impacted post UPN value change


Any suggestions or reference to check.



Thanks in advance for your time.


Could you provide more info, how to migrate users between two domains in the same tenant, so that be able to make hybrid join.

We have a similar situation, would you be able to suggest any resources to look at? We need to create a new subdomain in same tenant and migrate some of the users from (subdomain) to (subdomain) including their mailboxes and onedrive data. do we need to create a new Azure AD for it or they can be managed under the same Azure AD?