location of AdministrationConfig-V1.1.130.0-Preview.msi(could not be found)

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I am planning to use AzureADPreview. 


Due to some OS limitations, there is no easy way of installing with Install-Module.


I have found the below site:



which used to have AdministrationConfig-V1.1.130.0-Preview.msi as illustrated in the blog.



However, i think the files for V1.1.130.0-Preview has been removed. Could you please let me know the exact location where i can get the file.



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They removed it. Any specific reason you need the Preview version?

Install-Module AzureADPreview does not work saying Get-Reporitory

which again says cannot load repositories ...there is some issues with the Enterprise network


I want the preview version because it contains commands such as 

Get-AzureADDirectorySettingTemplate using which i will be able to put in place a templated restriction on the creation of Office 365 Groups


I really dont know why they have removed it.


Well you can always run it from say a VM in Azure, that is not subject to your network restrictions.

is there any additional cost associated using VM.


I wonder why the file was removed given that there were commands discussed in the blogs and discussions in Ignite 2017.


How do i get in touch with the right people.


Well you can certainly download it from other sources on the internet... just be careful :)