List of user of Azure AD without command

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Hi everyone,

Please you help with this question, i need get a list of all users of Azure AD, where show last date change password due to password expiration, without command, i can get list of user with date of last change of password, but when i export this information dont show date of change password.


Additionally, i would like to know that profile type need for get this information.



Thanks very much

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Hi, I think you are saying that you want to do this from the Azure AD portal, and you don't want to use PowerShell - is that correct?

From the portal, you can see the last password change date by adding the column. Once you download the list of users though, this info is not included as you say. This is confirmed here:

I do believe the only way to get what you want will be to use PowerShell. You can find some guidance on this here:

Hope this helps.