Joining PC In Windows 10 & Profile Settings Question

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We are in the beginning of joining our PCs to Azure AD.  A few questions regarding how this works in comparison to other Windows profiles to make sure I am understanding this correctly:


1. notice that my profile choice drops off after signing out and just "Other User" appears at the login screen. My user's settings for things like desktop, files, etc. seem to stay in tact on that same PC I signed into similar to a normal Windows profile even though the "profile" does not display on the sign-on screen.  So am I understanding it correctly that these settings will stay "in tact" for a user who has signed into a PC and made customizations under their sing-on?


2.  What is the effect when removing a device from a profile Azure AD? 


3.  How does one remove storage from a previous user?  Is reset the only option?


I know this may seem basic, but any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Brad, it`s great you and your team are joining Azure AD. @Vasil Michev and @Juan Carlos González Martín are two of the geniuses that may be able to help you here :)