Is AAD Premium P1 per-user or per-tenant only?

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We are a nonprofit. We're interested in starting to use AAD Premium P1 for some advanced Multi-Factor Authentication features, but I don't understand how the pricing works. I have an option to subscribe to Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 for $2.50 per user per month, which is a great deal, and it includes the first 50 users free, which is even better. EM+S includes AAD Premium P1. But how does this work? I have more than 50 users. If I sign up, does it convert my entire tenant to Premium P1, meaning I have to start paying (X minus 50) * $2.50, or can I select specific users to have P1, staying under 50?

I have talked to a couple of sales people who do not know the answer to this question.

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Only the users that you assign the EMS license too will receive the AAD Premium features. You don't need to buy a license for every user in your tenant.

Problem is that many Microsoft products don't enforce licensing, meaning that functionalities might be available for all users even if you have a single license in the tenant. You should still make sure that you do have enough licenses purchased, and assign them to all relevant users.