Impact of linking Azure AD B2C to a subscription

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I try to understand Azure AD B2C and notice it's required to link to a subscription. Does the linking process change the subscription's authentication/authorization at all? That is, for example, if a I have subscription that uses Azure AD to authenticate/authorize, will linking the Azure AD B2C to that subscription change the subscription's authentication/RBAC etc., at all? Some posts suggest linking is more for accounting purpose but I just want to make sure linking Azure AD B2C to an existing subscription won't impact the subscription in any way because the subscription has a lot of resources for other purposes. 



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Linking Azure AD B2C to an existing Azure subscription does not change the subscription's authentication/authorization or RBAC configurations. The primary purpose of linking Azure AD B2C to a subscription is for billing and resource management, and it does not affect the existing authentication and authorization settings of your subscription.

Azure AD B2C is a separate service designed specifically to handle customer identity and access management

so there shouldnt be an issue :)