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Hybrid Azure AD Join Implementation Check

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Hi All


I am about to implement a Hybrid Azure AD Join on our tenant.


I have created the relevant OU's  / groups for users / computers that I need in Azure AD Connect / Sync

Then run Azure AD Connect and configure for Hybrid / SCP


My question is, some of the Windows devices are Azure AD Registered status.


Should I un-enrol these prior to running the Azure AD Connect for Hybrid?


Any other gotchas or tips?


Info appreciated

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@Stuart King We are in the same situation. Did you implement it?

@DNEel @Stuart King You should not remove those Azure AD registered devices. This happens when a user add his work or school account towards his/her device. 

When you enable Hybrid Azure AD Join the Azure AD registered devices should automatically be removed when a device become Hybrid Azure AD Joined.

We've implemented this at multiple customers and didn't removed the Azure AD registered devices prior to enabling Hybrid Azure AD Join