How to remove tenancy for account?

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With apologies, I don't have much competency in this area, so I might be characterizing the situation incorrectly or using incorrect terminology.


I recently received a Teams invite, and when I accepted it, the tenancy was attached to my personal account (formerly with   I can see this clearly in  All my other Teams tenancies are attached to my AAD account, but this one attached to my personal account.


I'd like to unlink my personal account from the organization that invited me, and establish that tenancy using my normal account.  When I use I can see that my personal account is now a member of their organization, and when I try to leave that tenant I am redirected to  Here's where i run into problems:


  • If I log into using my AAD account, the tenancy is not shown.  (All my other tenancies are there, but not the one attached to my personal account)
  • If I try to login to using my personal account, I receive this error:  "You can't sign in here with a personal account.  Use your work or school account instead."

How can I disassociate my personal account from this tenancy?



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Hi, are you using InPrivate / Incognito browser sessions as well? It’s a ”best practise” not using cached credentials.

Usually this is enough