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Global Administrator - AAD Premium 1

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Does a Global Administrator of an M365 tenant automatically have a AAD Premium 1 license assigned? is this possible without purchasing any EMS or E5 or AAD Premium 1 license.

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I don't really understand the question?
If you need the capabilities of AAD P1 (for a global admin or for a regular user) you need to buy one
The answer is obviously No, being an Admin in Office 365 does not grant any kind of need to have it and assign to your admins as happens with any other user

@Juan Carlos González Martín - In our tenant, I am able to see that the Global Admin has been assigned this privilege, where as we have never purchased any kind of license for AAD PP1, attached below screenshot for your reference. am i missing something?



If you see that the tenant is AAD P1, you must have some license with AAD P1 included: EMS, Microsoft 365, AAD p1..

@Thijs Lecomte - I do not, I am attaching the screenshot below of our licenses. Is there a difference from Tenant being on AAD P1 vs a User account being on AAD P1.


I am not sure if something is changed, as of my knowledge only EMS and E5 might have AAD P1, and EMS might be present in E5, we do not have a any EMS or E5?



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MICROSOFT 365 E3 contains EMS E3, so it contains AAD P1
Thank you Thijs, I logged in via end-user credentials and found that it also AAD P1, what exactly does it mean?
Thank you for the info, we have just procured that particular license, I thought the only difference would a Windows license. Any idea what would be the difference between AAD P1 getting assigned to a tenant was a license.
The tenant license is very confusing.

Here it says you have an AAD P1 license. This means you can use all the AAD P1 features for you entire tenant.
But be aware that you are not licensed for this. Every user needs to be licensed for AAD P1 before you are allowed use it.

@Thijs Lecomte - So this is a soft requirement. All those users who are using AAD P1 features need to be licensed, just not the entire tenant.

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best response confirmed by Sai Gutta (Iron Contributor)
MICROSOFT 365 E3 contains EMS E3, so it contains AAD P1

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