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Error with Azure Active Directory Connect Health

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Hello Team,


Today I successfully integrated On-prem AD with Cloud AD.  I have verified that changes/additions made on Local AD are being synced to Cloud AD. So sync is working fine. 


In my Office365 portal, I am seeing that sync is successful and data is coming in. However, on Azure AD Connect Health, it is showing errors. In that section, the domain listed in the Sync Error section is incorrect, my domain is not an onmicrosoft one but a dedicated one. 


So, How do I tell Connect Health to track proper domain? Any method(s) to refresh it or Reinstall that particular software? 

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 12.01.33 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 11.58.43 AM.png

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Few thoughts as per screenshot its clearly seen that AD - Azure AD are in Sync .

How many AAD Connect servers we have ?

Do we have AAD Premium license for Health Montoring ?


It seems issue is not with AAD Connect Sync rather seems to be an issue with Health Connect Agent. Health Connect agent requires AD Premium license so if you have installed AD Connect Health Agent inorder to use that  successfully you would require AD Premium License.


Please refer FAQ's for AAD Connect Health Agent below

Hope this helps

I have the license for Azure Active Directory P1. Is that enough for this to work? 

Hi ,


Please check the below as per the same article first agent requires at least one AAD Premium and each additional registered wil require 25 more ......hope this helps


Q: How many licenses do I need to monitor my infrastructure?

  • The first Connect Health Agent requires at least one Azure AD Premium license.
  • Each additional registered agent requires 25 additional Azure AD Premium licenses.
  • Agent count is equivalent to the total number of agents that are registered across all monitored roles (AD FS, Azure AD Connect, and/or AD DS).

Licensing information is also found on the Azure AD Pricing page.


Registered agents Licenses needed Example monitoring configuration

111 Azure AD Connect server
2261 Azure AD Connect server and 1 domain controller
3511 Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) server, 1 AD FS proxy, and 1 domain controller
4761 AD FS server, 1 AD FS proxy, and 2 domain controllers
51011 Azure AD Connect server, 1 AD FS server, 1 AD FS proxy, and 2 domain controllers

The problem was indeed linked to my licensing. Thank you for pointing it out. 

I was under Microsoft Business License, and Azure P1 comes only for Enterprise editions.