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I have registered apps in Azure AD and would like to access manifest file, but don't see any options to do that. When I create new App under App registrations then I have option to edit Manifest file but that app is moved to Enterprise applications and there is don't have any options to edit manifest file or grant new permissions. I have logged in with administrator account. Don't understand why my apps are moved to Enterprise applications and why there is limited editing options.


Can someone explain that. Thank you.

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They recently changed the default filtering - when you navigate to the App Registrations tab it now defaults to "My Apps". Change the filter to "All apps" and see if the app shows.


The Enterprise applications tab is different - that's the equivalent of viewing the ServicePrincipal object, basically the object representing any AzureAD app in your tenant. You cannot edit manifests there.

@Vasil Michev Is there a place we can go to look at such things?

Define "such things"?

@Vasil Michev "access [the] manifest file"

Afaik the Azure AD blade is the only method to access the manifest.