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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Disabling Synchronization Rule - Out to AD – User NGCKey in AzureAD Connect.

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I have an on-premise deployment of Windows Hello for business [Certificate Trust] using ADFS 4.0 DRS.

I also have an O365 Apps for Enterprise (Pro-plus) subscription.

The identities (users only) are synced from on-premise to Azure AD. 

Only 8 attributes (Required for O365 Pro-plus is synced), [App Filtering in used]



No device/group write-back is enabled, no other O365 applications are used.

I am seeing plenty of errors like ones mentioned in blog below (Q4) in Synchronization Service , where the service is trying to overwrite/remove the msds-keycredentialLink attribute [Populated to due WH4B provisoning] for insufficient permissions.


They should be triggered by the synchronization rules listed below


IN from AAD - User NGCKey (to DeviceKey in mv)

Out to AD – User NGCKey (from DeviceKey in mv to msds-keycredentialLink in AD)


My questions,


1. Why does it need to writeback the NGCkey ?

2. Why the errors still persists even if the below rules are disabled ?




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