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Hello everybody


How can I remove AzureAD devices without locking them. In our Azure AD it was unfortunately the case that all users could add devices to Azure AD. Now every private device has added itself to Azure AD. In Azure AD only company devices are allowed to be in Azure AD. If I remove a device now, the user cannot log in anymore because the error message 700003 "Your organization has deleted the device".


Thanks for quick help


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@PSUster surely either you allow them to access your resources e.g. Exchange online or Office, in which case it's OK if they are registered, or you don't allow them access, in which case it is OK if they get blocked when you delete them?

Or do you want to remove the registration whilst continuing to allow them access?


yes i just want to cancel the registration. but access should still be possible.

is there any way?

I think you would have to do that on the device itself

@CloudHal that would be fatal. There are hundreds of devices. That are in our employees' homes. That's impossible:sad:

Sure, so you’re just going to have to leave them registered.