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Is there not a way to manage the company field in Azure AD?  We have multiple sub companies and with Local Premise, we could use the Company field to distinguish them. I do not see that field in Azure AD or Office365. We have since started created new users as Cloud only and need to be able to use this field. 

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See this blogpost and see if that answers your question!


@adam deltinger 


So can this only be done through Powershell? Each time I create a new user, I will have to use powershell to populate that user's company ? 


I believe this is set to read-only in the UI! Not entirely sure, will check

PowerShell or the Graph API if you want a programmatic solution, the EAC if you want to change it via the UI (recipients -> mailboxes -> select the user -> organization -> Company). 

@Vasil Michev 


Yeah, there it is in EAC!