Cloud Deployment using B2B only accounts to authenticate

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I have been round the houses with this query and still none the wiser. I am hoping someone here may be able to help.


We have a central cloud which has been stood up specifically for a project. This cloud acts as a central source for all project information and systems. The high-level architecture shows all connecting to it do so by using a B2B account, which is great when accessing 365 SaaS. We have explored deploying services into Azure and have come up against authentication issues when trying to access PaaS or IaaS components (SQL managed instance or Azure files).


We have no synchronisation with any on-prem AD, as this is a cloud only deployment, and the only people with cloud accounts are administrators.


Does anyone know if it is possible to somehow authenticates to these PaaS and IaaS components using a B2B account? Are there any solutions, even if the solution is to deploy a 3rd party tool to manage the guest accounts?


Any help is appreciated.


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