Cannot add guest account to Teams

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Hi, when trying to add guest accounts to Teams I receive following error for users, who don't have MS account yet: "Only Office 365 work or school accounts can be added as guests.". As far as I understand, this shouldn't happen anymore, as MS extended the "Guest" functionality. How do I setup Teams / Azure AD properly in order to get this working?

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Only Office 365 accounts so far: ( at 31 minutes)

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And what about this post, mentioning „everybody with an azure ad account“?

I have been able to setup guest user within Azure AD, then invite user into Teams.  I did get an error but this was because i had not enabled guest users in 'teams' in admin console 'services & add ins', once i enabled this i could invite guest user! Thanks :)

Have those users been able to login to teams? I had no issues to add user to AAD and to Teams then, but when logging in, users were prompted with "... school or company accounts only...".

Exactly this is not working for people, who don't have a school or enterprise Office365 account.

I'm currently testing teams with an external contractor we work with, their email address is linked to a Microsoft live account so i'm hoping this will work! have invited him to our team site i setup for this so i'll update you when i know more?



I am having this exact same issue. I have read just about every article and I had an MS VP review  my setup. I have a ticket open with MS support for this but it's taking forever to go up the levels to get someone who knows more than me... If you get anywhere please let me know, and I'll do the same. GL!

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Well, just got off the phone with their support and they were able to replicate the same exact issue. They said the issue is that not all tenants have been updated yet, which I guess answers the question as to why some are able to do it, and others not. Unfortunately they didn't have a timeline yet as to when everyone will be cut over.

Now, I'm receiving "You are not authorized" messages from teams, when trying to add guests.

*Resolved* this error of "you are not authorized" by logging in to O365 (web interface) > click/open/see "Groups" by clicking on the "people" icon, then select the Team to add a guest...


In the right pane click on "Guests" and then "Add Members" and enter the external users email address (Be sure to click "Save" after entering the email address in the right most pane


After you complete "adding a user here to your Azure directory" then you are able to to in to Teams and "Manage Teams" and "Add member" and not get message "you are not authorized"



It already worked this way before. But users, added this way are not able to use Teams if the accounts added are not defined in any Azure AD.

Then just add manually by logging in to



As I already mentioned before, adding guests to Azure AD works fine, but even after adding those users to teams they are not able to use Teams if accounts added are not School or Business accounts.

If you like to Guest use Teams, you have to assign licenses on O365 Admin Panel for this Guest account. This will slove your problem and no is not on DOCS

So we would have to assign outside consultants a license to be able to access Teams?

Currently, it doesn't work without Office 365 license, either in your company or the company of your consultants.

That has been my experience. However, they way Michal Machniak explains it sounds like the guests can be added to Azure AD.

You can add guests, but you will still need a valid license for them, as Michal stated.