Can not join to MS Teams - self-service account sign-up by email validation is disabled

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We are invited by another company to join their as guest to their MS Teams. When I like to join I see the following error:


We cannot create a self-service Azure AD account for you because has disabled self-service account sign-up by email validation. Ask [mydomain].com's admin to enable EmailVerified users or create an account for you.


It looks like it is only possible to enable "self-service account sign-up by email validation" by some Azure CLI commands. Azure portal does not allow me to use the console as we do not have a subscription.


Is there a way to disable Azure DE for our domain?


Any ideas?

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It seems your org has a azure AAD instance but your account is not synced to it! I’ve had these problems before and I suggest calling MS if you say you don’t know your domain is tied to an instance!
I’ve seen people sign up for different services with the org mail , creating an instance! In other cases syncing their accounts to azure AAD solved the issue


o @adam deltinger 

Hi Adam, I seem to be having the same issue... how do I know / how can I sync my account to my AAD?