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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Can a Guest User Log Into WIndows 10 AAD Joined Machine?

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I have added Guest user from (which is an AAD tenant)  to the AAD tenant   

I have made a global admin on

Can AAD tenant  guest user log into a Windows 10 machine which is joined to as guest user  ?


because this use case does not work for me so would appreciate either no this doesn't work in Windows 10 and despite the terabytes of documentation on Azure B2B, it isnt referring to this core feature that is soul crushing me or ….Yes and here is the procedure other than what I have done above.... much appreciated.

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I don't believe that is possible. - Guest user needs a license and you cannot assign a license to a Guest user. - If the user tries to use his email, it will be and not and the source authority will always be the

@Corsinonot sure other than because of technical complexity Microsoft would not provide the ability for a guest user to log on - it makes life very easy for all around, especially in the world in which we live where high dollar information workers often work for multiple companies 

Trying to do this as well. If I find a way, I will post it here.

@DonQuixoteAADFollowing. This would be perfect for our transient students, rather than using guest mode on our Lab computers.


Saw a new feature "federated sign-in for Windows devices" was introduced to "Windows 11 SE, version 22H2 and Windows 11 Pro Edu/Education, version 22H2".

Configure federated sign-in for Windows devices - Windows Education | Microsoft Learn


I guess that I will have to study up on what it would take to add and manage a handful of Education edition PCs in our environment. And manage their guest accounts in Entra.