Backup Azure Active Directory

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my main focus is Office 365 and for this are many soultions for backups (SPO, Teams, EXO ...) on the market. But how is it about backup the Azure AD itself? The configuration and identities?

Is there any solution or a documentation from MS what happens if this crash?
Is there any kind of versioning specially if it comes to configuration
What about disaster situations?



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There is no backup option that is available by default also there is a request to include this Microsoft take care of the backup for users or groups you delete by mistake will be in recycle bin for 30 days I guess
But you can use 3rd party tools few URL for more details
An alternative is to script out entries for AAD, put the scripts into a repo and deploy with a pipeline?

Microsoft have quote sophisticated resilience built in - John Savil has a nice YouTube to go into this.!&&p=7d8aa38c08203d6067f92217f3a21a8250b6897d4c3dc8e75af158bd09111301Jmltd...
I saw some progress on it. This Azure AD Exporter might be good one:
The below diagram also nicely portrait