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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Azure Virtual Machine Start on Connect?

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Hi Support,


Do you have any idea if we can start our azure virtual machines on connect?
What are the things needs to be done?
Hope you can give me a guide.



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Start on Connect is Azure Virtual Desktop functionality only and doesn't apply to traditional VMs. If you know your hours of operation or are using scale sets you can configure accordingly to scale back on differing loads or turn them off entirely between specified hours.


Here's a link/video on how you can achieve auto-shutdown and auto-start using automation tasks.


Auto Shutdown and Auto Start an Azure VM | Microsoft Docs


Currently now we are using powerapps so that users can start/stop their VM & azure automation schedules.
Is there a way to add Azure Virtual Machines in Host Pools so that we can use this Start on Connect functionality?



You could use an AVD host pool scaling plan and the flexibility that offers by setting bring your capacity threshold down to 0%. This can be found under Settings > Scaling plan.




You can then couple this with Wake on Connect which can be found under properties







I'm not 100% sure I follow what you mean by 'Correct' but if you're referring to creating the AVD environment you would need a host pool and to register a VM into the pool. You could then use the settings as mentioned above to achieve the wake on connect and scale plan to turn off. The link you've provided outlines those steps.


Im planning to create AVD Envi & Hostpools then manually register my existing VM's to the hostpool so that i can use the the start on connect function.
So this is the guide right?
Since I have no experience on this function.