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Azure B2B Admin role




At the very end of the video they are saying that they are working on creating B2B Admin roles to manage external access. Let's say my company works a lot with one specific external company and I need to grand access to some Visual Studio and some other SAP or Salesforce Apps, but I do not want to manage access procedure for those external users. So, my idea would to have External Admin role in Azure AD and assign external user to manage those accesses. Can this be done and what would be the licensing requirement for this. Is this in a roadamp if yes, when would this be released. Many thanks in advance for response.

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I think Tenant Friending would help with this this which is a feature that Microsoft have been talking about for some time and I expect will be available in 2019.  In short, it would allow you to create a trust between your AAD and an external one and allow you to map groups so the external organisations could manage membership to the group.