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Dec 06 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)
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Azure AD with Shibboleth

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I am trying to work out how to connect Azure AD with Shibboleth, so we utilise OpenID so that shibboleth will connect to Azure AD accounts and then use shibboleth for resources. 


so when I login with my Azure AD account, through Shibboleth, it redirects off to Shibboleth and logs me to the resource. 


I have read numerous posts about this but nothing about using Azure AD to authenticate.     


Any help ?  


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Thanks for the reply, but Shibboleth is not a web app in Azure, its another IDP, I want to be able to login to Azure -> which auth to Shibboleth -> logs in via Azure,  Clicks a resource link, authentication is only via Shibboleth, Shibboleth is then trusted with Azure and automatically logs in jbloggs.


I can see Gluu Server doing it, but didnt want anything in the middle.    

I got around this by using openathens - Azure apps has openathens, and makes it very simple to setup and login through Office 365.