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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Azure AD Premium P1 features without AADP1 license assigned

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Dear community,


I have noticed that our Azure AD tenant overview shows that we are using Azure AD Premium P1. However, we have never purchased Azure AD Premium P1 add-on licenses. We use Office 365 E3 and E1 plans, which do not include AADP1. The premium features work, though. We can use conditional access, which is actually intended only for premium tenants, and we can also add a custom login screen with our company logo for Office sign-ins. We are a bit puzzled about how this could be. We have checked our tenant again, but we have never activated Azure AD Premium P1 for the entire tenant or assigned any licenses that include AADP1. Is there an explanation for this? Has anyone else been affected by this? Of course, we want to ensure that our tenant is correctly licensed and used, and we wonder if we are obliged to purchase AADP1 licenses, even though we have never made any configuration changes to our tenant that would introduce AADP1.

Thank you very much and best regards.

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can you show us please your license blade info's from Azure Active Directory?



sure. here is a screenshot

I mean that blade.  



I checked the products blade you are showing in your screenshot. Azure AD Premium P1 is not listed. Unfortunately I can't show you a screenshot.
Have you ever enabled any trial License that include P1? if not, I suggest that you open a ticket with the Azure AD team and share with them your tenant info's so they can check your tenant their backend. Meanwhile I recommend you do not use any conditional access policy on your production users until you purchase your P1 licenses and assign them to your users to avoid any blocking.

Please let me know how I can help you more in this regard.
we have never enabled any AADP1 trial features/subscriptions which is why I am puzzled. I just don't understand how we got those Premium features enabled in the first place. I might open a ticket with one of our service providers. Thank you for your help.
Great , please keep me posted with the updates
Update: i have run this Graph Powershell Cmdlet. It shows our tenant with an acttive P1 subscription

(Get-MgSubscribedSku).ServicePlans | ? { $_.ServicePlanName -Like 'AAD_PREMIUM*' }

AppliesTo ProvisioningStatus ServicePlanId ServicePlanName
--------- ------------------ ------------- ---------------
User Success 41781fb2-bc02-4b7c-bd55-b576c07bb09d AAD_PREMIUM
User Success 41781fb2-bc02-4b7c-bd55-b576c07bb09d AAD_PREMIUM
Interesting. Well take it as an encouragement to activate the P1 for your users :D

I wonder if it was added because it's a pre-requisite for other features that may have been enabled.
If you go here:

you can see the list of features that are associated with P1.

Grep'ing through the list gives:
Enterprise Mobility + Security E3
Enterprise Mobility + Security E5
Enterprise Mobility + Security G3
Enterprise Mobility + Security G5
Microsoft 365 E3_USGOV_DOD
Microsoft 365 F1
Microsoft 365 F3
Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro
Azure Active Directory Premium P1


I tried to add a license feature and see if it shows up in the audit logs but I'm not seeing any activity.
Regardless you won't be charged as long as it's not assigned to any users.

thank you for your response. my organisation actually does have Yammer Enterprise enabled.