Azure AD Password Protection and Smart Lockout are now in Public Preview!

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Many of you know that unfortunately, all it takes is one weak password for a hacker to get access to your corporate resources. Hackers can often guess passwords because regular users are pretty predictable. Regular users create easy to remember passwords, and they reuse the same passwords or closely related ones over and over again. Hackers use brute force techniques like password spray attacks to discover and compromise accounts with common passwords, an attack pattern we told you about back in March.


So today we're really excited to announce the public preview of Azure AD Password Protection and Smart Lockout. Azure AD Password Protection helps you eliminate easily guessed passwords from your environment, which can dramatically lower the risk of being compromised by a password spray attack. 




Read more about it in the Enterprise Mobility + Security blog and mark your calendar for our upcoming AMA on June 28 at 9AM PT! 

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