Azure AD MFA NPS Extension

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    I have two question about Azure AD MFA NPS Extension

    1. License E1 and E3 office 365 can install and use Azure AD MFA NPS Extension ?

    2. Can install Azure AD MFA NPS Extension as radius server to Horizon view (VDI) can integrate authen ? and F5 VPN ? Current we ready configure and work with azure MFA Server but now I want change to Azure AD MFA NPS Extension because one authen user and app with Office365

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1. In order to be eligible to use Azure AD MFA NPS Extension you need to licensed for Azure MFA via Azure MFA License

"The NPS Extension for Azure MFA is available to customers with licenses for Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (included with Azure AD Premium, EMS, or an MFA stand-alone license). Consumption-based licenses for Azure MFA such as per user or per authentication licenses are not compatible with the NPS extension."

There is more information to be found here:



as my understand then license MFA if customer buy Azure AD Premium or EMS or an MFA stand-alone license . I focus an MFA stand-alone license this it is license E1 or E3 ?

There is no stand-alone MFA license. It is included in Azure AD Premium. AAD Premium is included in EM+S E3 (P1) and EM+S E5 (P2) or as stand alone licenses for both P1 and P2.

Office 365 E1/E3 does not include this. Microsoft 365 E3 does include P1 and E5, P2.