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with an Azure AD Basic license I can create dynamical Azure AD groups with inheriting licensing ( ). Need every user in the group an Azure AD Basic license? Or is it fine when only the creator of the group has an Azure AD Basic license?




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Group Based Licensing is currently in preview, so keep in mind this answer could change.
Today, in the preview, you just need to have an Azure AD Basic subscription available in your tenant. Users do not need to be assigned the Azure AD Basic license to use the Group Based Licensing feature. The administrator who configures it however should be licensed.

Dynamic groups on the other hand require Azure AD Premium P1 licensing for any members of the group.

Hi, Max: Are you sure about that?

"This feature requires an Azure AD Premium P1 license for each unique user that is a member of one or more dynamic groups."

The preview might not be enforcing this rule technically.


Oh I'm sorry, I missed the dynamic group piece. Yes, dynamic membership requires Azure AD Premium for every user that is a member.
I've seen it not enforced, but it's still a rule I'd recommend abiding by to stay in licensing compliance.

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Thanks, Max! I agree that customers should follow the licensing rules even if they aren't enforced. It can avoid a big, unexpected bill later.