Azure AD Joined Computers move to new Azure AD Domain with the existing user profile

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We have a customer who's company is growing rapidly and they're separating two business into two companies. Now they want a second Office 365 Tenancy and want to migrate their email and sharepoint environments to the second tenancy.


A bunch of their domain pc's are Azure Domain Joined.

Anybody any experience on migrating these computer objects or about disconnecting the pc's and joining a new azure domain without losing the users local profile?!

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It seems that the task can be completed via use of the Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell. Be sure to backup all user accounts prior to performing any steps and it is recommended to test said steps in a lab environment first. A great resource on the procedure can be found here: Migrating Azure AD connect to new Active directory domain 


Quick question. What OS are the computers that require migration currently operating on?


Randy, did you ever get this solved?