Azure AD Identity Protection Weekly Digest - Change to Daily

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Hiya, I find the weekly digest email very useful. Is there anyway to make this a daily email ? or to create an identical alert and set it to daily ?


In contains a link to the following

New risky users detected

New risky sign-ins detected
(in real-time)

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Afaik no, it's preconfigured on a weekly cadence and cannot be modified.
Create notification alert for Incidents in > Incidents. By default High risk Identity Protection alerts will turn up in this queue but you can change this to also include lower risks:
Ah ok thx. We already have an incident email alert setup for medium and high. So I think th e Weekly digest email was giving us some comfort when Both Risky sign ins and users are 0.
So it's good to note that if we get a medium to high incident an email will fire off to us.
Thanks for your help.