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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Azure AD Connect OU sync suggestion

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after some experiments I'd like to apply in our company the Azure AD Connect sync, but I have some operational questions; we have a structure in AD with an OU called Accounts and inside there various other OU, like Marketing, Management, Delivery,etc.; inside these OU, we have the users with an AD account and also every OU has another OU with inside the people's computers, so the Marketing OU has inside UserA, UserB and UserC and also an OU, Marketing computers, with the devices of UserA, UserB and UserC.

One difficult thing is that not every user works in corporate office bacause our company decided for an hybrid formula of work; I'd like also to sync users in chunk, to not buy all the M365 licenses, but not every people of the same OU are in the same time in the office, and I am worried of device sync.


What do you think is the best way to follow? I have to move the users and computers in a OU created to sync these objects in chunk? But, when I end the onboardin, what happens if I want to move the users and computers in their original OU? Are the users and devices sync 2 times?


I appreciate an help.



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I'm not clear as to why you want to sync them in waves. Having the user synced to O365 doesn't mean you need to apply a license immediately, or at all. You don't pay for the number of users.

Thanks @VasilMichev for clarification: I thought to the the fact that I want to register our notebooks in Intune; I want to do in waves to have a better control over user and client registered: we all have Azure AD registered devices and in my trial sometimes I have seen that if I try to "transform" them in hybrid registered, even with Windows 10 more than 1803, I have duplicated devices.