Azure AD Connect in Staging Mode

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Hello All,


I want to configure another server where I would like to install another Azure AD connect in Staging mode. I want to configure it for a backup of our primary Azure AD Connect server so that if any disaster happens to our primary server, we will use the Staging mode server. We have Office 365 hybrid environment.


Please suggest if this configuration is feasible, if yes, what are the things we need to take care. Will there be any issue with the existing production Azure AD connect server? What are the known issues and how they can be mitigated.

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Hi, simly follow this guide and it will be fine - Azure AD Connect: Staging server and disaster recovery.

Thank you Maxim for your response.

@MaximSokoloff Do you information about how many AADC servers we can configure in Staging mode. 1 active and 1 (staging Mode) is running in different DC, need to create one more for Staging.


Is it feasible ?