Azure AD B2B: New updates make cross-business collab easy

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Thanks Juan.

From the blog article, about the new features: "Ability to invite a user with any email address to collaborate. Whether a user has an Office365 or on-premises Exchange email address, an email address, or any social email address, he/she can now seamlessly access the invited organization with inline, lightweight creation of an Azure AD or Microsoft Account."

Unfortunately I have been unable to correctly add an user. Smiley Sad

In the portal the user appears to be added and the invite appears to be sent, but the recipient never received the invite.

Any ideas?



Never mind: the user found the invite in the spam folder...

So it appears it worked!

We are now able to share a folder with that external user (having an account) also from a Group having the default setting of "ExistingExternalUserSharingOnly".


This is a very welcome update indeed!

Glad you and your customer are happy!


And many other users too, I guess, will be happy for this.

We you able to create a Custom Invitation? I don't see how to do that in my tenant

Not sure what you mean with "Custom Invitation" ?

You add the user (for now I have tried only with some MS accounts, which was what I needed), you specify some text to include in the invitation and the invite is automatically sent.

When the invite is redeemed by the recipient, the user is added to AAD.

In my case this was exactly what the doctor ordered, because my customer didn't want to change the default sharing for Groups and so the users with whom they wanted to share some Group folders had to be necessarily already in AAD.



I don't know about B2B, but the invitation API (in beta) allows for customizing the experience (the message and directing to a specific URL when complete). 


Im working on a blog post about it.

In the announcement from MS, they mentioned the ability to specify a custom invitation email to send. see step 3 on


That is what I was referencing.

Didn't notice it... Smiley Happy

I have not tried that feature...

Correct - you can use the B2B invitation API to create custom invitations. We are updating the documentation and they will include these instructions soon.

@paulschaeflein wrote:



I don't know about B2B, but the invitation API (in beta) allows for customizing the experience (the message and directing to a specific URL when complete). 


Im working on a blog post about it.


That is great! I'm working on an API project that will allow a user to initiate the invite using a SharePoint list & Flow (

I have many customers who want to watch who is being invited and control their access. This will allow them to approve requests and also put a policy/governance page in front of the external user.

The blog post at was posted 2 days ago and clearly states that there is new documenation, but I can't find anything that describes how to create a custom invitation? what is going on?

Our doc writer is going hard at the updates. We havent gotten everything updated yet but will get that done in the next few days. Thanks for your patience!

Thanks for the quick reply and clarification that the updated docs don't actually exist. In the future, I would like to suggest that announcements be delayed until the updated docs are ready. I wasted some time looking for them (:.

Dean - sorry, I wasn't clear. The new documentation is already out there and linked from the blog. Here is the link for your ready reference:

As part of that, here is the API and customization documentation:

But, we have a ton of other documentation that is also going to be put out there. For example, we are also in the midst of publishing code and script samples.

In short, we released with the core documentation and we are updating the rest of it in waves. Because we have so much documentation and we publish it using GitHub, the publishing process sometimes takes time.

Please have another look at whats already published and let us know if you have any questions?

Thanks for the clarification. I'm seing some updated pages that I had not previously noticed.


Would you happen to know why various web sites get added to my Access Panel applications? I know how to manually add apps, but I'm seeing apps/web site, such as FastTrack and the MS Partner Portal, get added without any action on my part.



To be fair, when we publish the documentation, it takes some time to roll out - so when you checked first, some of it might not have been there.

I'll have to follow up on your other question. Is it just the FastTrack and Partner Portal you're seeing that got added?

Paul - we're making a ton of updates to our documentation.


API and customization: 

Code samples:


I'd love for you to look at it and give us comments. As you write your blog post, if there's something you thought you'd see in the docs but don't, or if you have questions - reach out to me! :)


Thanks for doing this! Also, do send me your blog link, would love to read and happy to tweet about it :)