Azure AD B2B Collaboration support for Google IDs is now in public preview

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We’ve been hard at work to make Azure AD B2B Collaboration even more seamless and inclusive. Our vision is to enable you to collaborate with people from any organization in the world, whether or not they have Azure AD or even an IT department. We’re reducing friction during invitation redemption and eliminating the proliferation of credentials by enabling your partners to bring their own existing identities to collaborate with you!


Today, we're excited to unveil the next major step on this vision—the public preview of support for Google ID’s! We’ve supported folks using Azure AD and Microsoft Accounts (or signing up for one just in time) until now, and yes, we’ve heard your enthusiasm about federation with non-Microsoft identity providers. I’m thrilled to announce that Google is the first third-party identity provider that Azure AD supports!




Read more about it in the Enterprise Mobility + Security blog.

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Does this currently support a Teams guest invite ? Have tried this briefly but it failed but I see from the docs that the "Teams common endpoint" is not supported. Assume it will be ?