Azure AD & PowerShell How To: Add multiple users or a group into multiple groups?

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Hello Forum


I have a bunch of users (Many users), and I want to add all them into many multiple Azure AD security groups (Nothing On-Prem), Something like:



User1,User2,User3...etc. => Of course, I can add all these users into one security group e.g. called "All" group.



All users (Or, All Group) are added into: Group1

All users (Or, All Group) are added into: Group2

All users (Or, All Group) are added into: Group3



It is so hard to perform this operation manually, and I tried with PowerShell below but it keeps failing.


$Allusers = Import-Csv "C:\test\users.csv"
$secgrp = Import-Csv "C:\test\groups.csv"
$Sgroup = @()
$secgrp | ForEach-Object { $Sgroup += $ }
foreach ($grp in $sgroup) {
$GP = Get-ADGroup $grp
foreach ($user in $Allusers) { Try
{ $Aduser = Get-ADUser -Identity $user.Accounts -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
if ($Aduser -ne $null) {
Add-ADGroupMember $GP -Members $Aduser.SamAccountName -Confirm:$false
catch { $Error[0].ToString() | Out-File "C:\test\userlog.txt" -Append -Force }



Could you please help me out adding all these users or the group that contains them all into all these Azure AD security groups?


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