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Hey Guys,


I want to get reliable numbers on how often MFA had beed utilized, by either SMS or Callback.

Where do I get reliable numbers on that?


I get very different numbers from:

- Authentication methods | Activity

- Multi-Factor Authentication | Activity Report

- Workbooks | Authentication Prompts Analysis by authentication method


Right now, I would choose the MFA | Activity Report, just because I will get Excel exports there meaning more data.

I tried to keep the filters as simple and similar as possible. 





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Hi @Florian,

I'd start here: using the "Authentication Prompts Analysis" workbook?
Let me know how you get on as it's something that sits in my backlog at the moment

Dave C
How did you get on @Florian?

This is now firmly on the front burner for me, no longer on the backlog, no doubt in part due to news this week. Give me a shout?