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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Asset management in Azure Active Directory

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Is possible, and if yes how are you doing it, to manage company assets in Azure Active Directory. 


I am looking for an asset inventory with level of detail like license expiring, updates status. Not for remotely manage updates and configuration on the asset.

I am able to find the Devices section in Azure portal, but I do not seem that it can read any Device details, e.g. System model/manufacter.


I also came across this link in my searches, but not sure this is the right path. Or rather asset inventory at this level is not great through Azure and I need to source another tool?


Thank you

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None of my customers are using asset management in AAD. It's just not extensive enough

Everyone uses third party systems
Have not tried it myself but you might be able to access more extensive information using PowerBI:

As for what is available out of the box I would say it’s pretty limited compare to competitors out there who focus on asset management/inventory.
Thank you. Would you know any Open-source solutions that would help me with asset management? I am assuming these would be some sort of solution made out of a server/client or agent kind of thing that would be installed on the end-user pc?