Apps shown in Azure Access Panel Applications

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When I go to I see tiles for several web sites that do not seem approprirate for this portal, e.g. PowerShell gallery, Skype Operations Framework, OneNote web clipper and several others. While I do use all of these, I registered for them on my own and they don't really have anything to do with the applications authorized by my company.


Is anyone else seeing this type of behavior?

Does anyone know the logic for apps showing up in this portal?

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Thanks for the great question. We're looking into this and will try to get an answer for you.

@Eric Starker - was there ever an answer for this - we are keen to hide tiles that we do not want users to see but by default they get everything in the portal.  before we are ready to support them and it creates confusion

@Dean Gross - My Apps shows you all the apps you have direct access to, (through individual assignment or by group). When you registered for those apps you were added to the list of users with access to them. They'll show up in your My Apps list until you revoke your access or your admin changes the settings of the apps to not visible for users.


For those curious, this is the same logic used on and in the Waffle.


Hope that helps!