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Any good book for practical recipes for Azure Entra ID

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I tried two books on Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Identity platform to try to build applications.

But I will be honest, the books are very dry when explaining the concepts (Application Object, Service Principal, Registered App, Enterprise App...), and I try to understand it but find it difficult.


Are there books that are practical in their approach by doing hands-on approach, and then while building hands-on, explain the concepts.

Like the recipes books in IT.

Are there books like that for 


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Hi @gkarwchan,

there are a few books that are more practice-oriented when it comes to Azure Entra ID.

Here are a few recommendations:

"Azure Active Directory: A Comprehensive Guide" by Sjoukje Zaal:

  • This book offers comprehensive coverage of Azure AD and is known for its practical approach, explaining concepts with hands-on examples.

"Pro Azure Governance and Security: A Comprehensive Guide to Azure Policy, Blueprints, Security Center, and Sentinel" by Peter De Tender:

  • Pro Azure Governance and Security offers a comprehensive look at the governance features available with Microsoft Azure and demonstrates how to integrate them with your hybrid and Azure environments, drawing on the author's experiences from years in the field.

"Azure for Architects: Implementing cloud design, DevOps, IoT, and serverless solutions on your public cloud" by Ritesh Modi:

  • While not solely focused on identity management, this book covers various Azure services, including identity and access management, from an architectural perspective.

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