Allow domains at Group level in Azure AD B2B

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We are using Azure AD B2B collboration feature by sending guest invites to external partners. For this,  we have only allowed 2 domains for example, and for partners xyz and abc (screenshot attached). We have created 2 Groups, one for XYZ partner and other one for ABC partner and assigned group owner to each group. Now they are able to send invites to their teams using Access Panel (


Problem: - The group owner of XYZ partner are able to send invites to and vice-versa. We want to restrict XYZ group owner to only send invites to not on Please let us know how we can do this allowed domains settings at group level. We are using access panel as we only want group owners to see the members of their team only and blocked their access in Azure portal.

We also tried Group as a dynamic  type but with this Group owner would not be able to add users in this group from Access Panel, it says 'This group has dedicated users'.


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Ankur Gupta

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Check the settings in "User settings" in azure AD...Is the owners of the two groups a member of the other? In that case maybe the cause is that the settings in here is not set correctly


/ Adam