AAD Guest User and its utillity in SharePoint Online

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I am trying to formulate a strategy for external access in SharePoint Online when i have gone through links in Microsoft docs for external access and the redeem part where the user has to register or log in via Microsoft  ID to get a sites access while can access a file or folder with one time code without the hassle.


I was wondering having external users to register or login via Microsoft account may not be the right thing because:

1) if the original email invite is sent to their non Microsoft email id, yet they have to register or login via Microsoft ID

2) the user logging in with a different or other Microsoft id skews the purpose of sending invite to their agreed email id(which may be different and a non Microsoft one)


So, i thought of using Azure Guest user and then use the guest user in SharePoint Online sharing which helped to achieve

1) keeping the same user id for email invite as well as logging

2) the user dont really need to create/register or login via Microsoft ID


However, there are few concerns along this line:

1) first is there a quota with licensing? in this link it mentions 1:5 ration for lincensed to Guest users in AD. I guess it is for B2B guess for a collaborator company. In my case for SharePoint Online, i think it will be free and any number of Guests can be used.

2)In the scenario of adding Guests to AAD, the users still need to register themsleves without having to create Microsoft ID though, can the registration process only include the terms of agreement and specifying password without any hassle



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