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I am a o365 tenant admin and have given some users power automate free licensing.

When they try to connect to excel online (onedrive) from a PA flow, they receive an error saying they need admin approval to access the resources.

I assume this setting is enabled in the AAD portal but I couldn't find any such setting (it would be great this could be done on a user basis and not org wide).

Can anyone help?




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Hi, @Joao Casqueiro.


You might have more luck asking in a Power Automate-related forum - even though the settings are found within the Azure AD Portal.


First, even though it's dated, this is still relevant advice:



With respect to where to find the user approval settings, the location has changed a little, so here's two screenshots to get you into the right location.


A tenant administrator will need to make any relevant changes here for you, and they really need to understand the implications of each settings. You don't want your organisation being the next ransomware victim (or anything else of a similar nature.)