A role/identity for former employees in the ongoing M365 knowledge base?

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Has anyone figured out an elegant or at least effective way to recognize the ongoing role/presence former employees (or former customers, partners, even bots for that matter) have in the expanding knowledge layer of M365 (graph, intelligent search, cortex).


While a departing employee clearly should and does lose permission to 'act' -- send/rcv msgs, create/open docs, create/view videos, etc. -- should they become 'unknown' to the remaining active participants in our M365-based knowledge base.


I'm referring specifically to how a former employee appears in Teams and Yammer today when we are searching posts for content/knowledge.  Maybe this is a simple setting that we've missed?

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The Teams folks simply made a bad decision on this, if you ask me. Even if you simply disable the user, he gets removed from all Teams and such, which is definitely not the behavior you'd expect to see. Anyway, when it comes to preserving data/contributions from previous employees, using holds/retention policies is the best tool. Again depending on the workload, sadly.