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We have just started to implement Intune for our azure AD network. I have added a new machine into the autopilot section which default creates a machine in Azure AD as Azure AD Joined. Upon deployment profile with Hybid Azure AD join, the machine joins the on site domain and then Azure refreshes to 2 machines of the same name. One with Azure AD Joined and one Hybrid Azure Domain Joined. 


how do you get it so the autopilot machine, deploys as a Hybrid Azure Machine so there isn't 2 duplicates in Azure AD?

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It's by design and there isn't much you can do about it.
Check out more information here:

I quote:
Yes, you will end up seeing two devices in Azure AD when this process completes: The pre-created Azure AD Join device objects (which ends up getting enabled and renamed as part of this process) and the synced Hybrid Azure AD Join device object. Keep both of these objects around – never delete the original pre-created Azure AD device object.
Appreciate the response as I thought it was meant to work slightly different. All is working as it should do then :)